The firm has experienced a substantial growth throughout the years and currently employs about 50 employees offering professional guidance and advice to its clients on all business and financial matters.


Founded in the early 1990’s the firm is a member of Kreston International Limited as of the 1st of October 2019. Kreston is a global network of independent accounting firms that combine expertise with empathy to provide compliance and advisory services that help individuals and their organisations to achieve their professional goals. Founded in 1971 and currently the 12th largest accounting network in the world, Kreston comprises 180 firms in 114 countries. As a single, seamless network, it provides a consistently exceptional service to clients all over the world.


Our firm was previously a member of the International Association of Independent Accountants known as Morison KSi.


Become and be considered leaders, locally and internationally, in providing the services that we do, in the most efficient effective and constructive manner, by striving for the best interest of our people and clients.


Our mission is to continue expanding by offering the most dedicated and personalised services and demonstrating our Corporate Social Responsibility behaviour.


We will not compromise on Quality

We promise commitment and professionalism

We honour our responsibility towards all of our members

“Corporate Social Responsibility is the alpha

and omega of our business”


Our employees constitute the driving power for our firm and it is of vital importance to keep them satisfied as well as to respect their needs and wants. Hence, we ensure that we offer safe and fairly paid jobs within the industry. In addition to our employees, the key to our success is ensuring the satisfaction of our customers. Our priority has always been to deliver excellence and value for money services to every single client.


Τhe legal responsibility of corporations demands that businesses abide by the law and ‘play by the rules of the game’.  All services offered to our clients follow strict standards such as the International Accounting Standards, as well as local laws and regulations that surround the audit and accounting industry in Cyprus. In addition to this, we always make sure that we provide a safe workplace for our employees, by following strict health and safety rules and regulations.

Ethical and philanthropic

Τhe Greek word ‘philanthropy’ means literally the ‘love of the fellow human’. In our business context, the ethical and philanthropically responsibility model incorporates activities that are within the firm’s discretion to improve the quality of life local communities and ultimately the society in general. Hence, we ensure that on a continuous basis a significant amount of donations are paid to local charitable communities.