Morison KSi holds milestone board meeting in London

Morison KSi history was made on Monday 14 March 2016 when the inaugural Morison KSi board meeting took place in London at the offices of UK member firm, Kingston Smith. This milestone event was the first time directors had formally met since the Morison KSi merger was announced on 4 February 2016. The meeting brought together 12 of the association’s 13 board directors:

  1. Benjamin Martins (SNG, South Africa)
  2. William Norwalk (Sensiba San Filippo, USA)
  3. Carlos Camacho (Grupo Camacho, Costa Rica)
  4. Graham Tyler (Kingston Smith, UK)
  5. Jean-Pierre Larroze (Aplitec, France)
  6. John Wilcox (Hill Rogers, Australia)


7. Jon Sutcliffe (Kingston Smith, UK)

8. Marco Patrizi (Tuffias Sandberg KSI, South Africa)

9. Mark Levenfus (Marks Paneth, USA)

10. Matias Tejero (Hugo Tejero y Asociados, Argentina)

11. Richard Kopelman (HA&W, USA)

12. Stephen Chang (Morison KSi Independent Director)

Paul Wan (Paul Wan & Co, Singapore), pictured right, was unable to attend the board meeting due to long-standing and important client commitments. Morison KSi Chairman, Mark Levenfus, said“this was a tremendous meeting. I was delighted with the cohesiveness of the board, and directors’ unanimous support of, and determination to, deliver the association’s ambitious strategy. It is an exciting phase for all concerned.” Graham Tyler, who was elected as Vice-Chairman at the meeting, said“we were thrilled to welcome Morison KSi’s directors from all corners of the globe to our offices in London.

The meeting was excellent and it was great to learn that many “Morison” and “KSi” members are already working together to seize business opportunities”. Also in attendance were Liza Robbins CEO of Morison KSi, Michelle Mead Operations Manager of Morison KSi, Christian Heimerl and Jackie Tang of MI InterAct (previously Morison International’s affiliated law group) and Chris Whitamore and Iben Lindhardt of IAG (previously KSi’s affiliated law group). The Morison KSi board would like to thank Kingston Smith for hosting the meeting at its offices and for organising an excellent networking event for Morison KSi directors and Kingston Smith partners following the meeting. More information on the Press Release.